Láadan Helper app update

I’ve updated the Láadan Helper app for Android, which includes an improved dictionary (not case sensitive, and ignores accent marks in the search), as well as an offline copy of the Wikibook. I’ve also updated the library with offline-available stories. There are also web links to various resources online as well.

Láadan Helper is also now Open Source. You can download the 2.0 release or view the source here:

It is also being updated in the Google Play store, but may take a few hours before it shows the changes.


Láadan Discord Server


I had a link up to an old Láadan Discord server that was run by another person. Having re-discovered it (I had lost my account name), it looked like there were a few people in there but not much activity.

If you’d like to join a more general server that has a Láadan channel available (and, at the time of writing, several people interested in speaking Láadan), please join us at the Moosader server here: