1. *limlim*
  2. Báa bebáa hi? / What is that?
  3. Bíi raha le haleshinithimedith! / I hate work email!


  • limlim literally means “bell”, but it seems like an onomatopoeia so I’m using it as a sound effect for a phone ringing.
  • Láadan has no word for “mail” or “post”, so my word for it is “mel (paper) im (travel) e di (talk)”. There’s also no word for electronic, so my word is “shin (two) ith (light)”. So, my word for email is “shinith (electronic) im (travel) e di (talk)”, plus the “hal” for work and object marker -th. Such a long word!

Moving Láadan content

Just a heads up, over the Thanksgiving break, I’m going to be updating the Áya Dan webpage (a general conlang blog). I’ll be buying a domain for it (, and basically moving all the Láadan content that’s here on over to . All blog posts will be saved and moved over to Áya Dan, and I’ll put up link forwarding.

Just wanting to make a better conlang webpage and have a better way to post my web-based tools (dictionaries, widgets, etc.) and put it under one URL again.

I’ll post a link once the update is done!



An image of stacks of coins

Bó ban ne wí nethath. Give your life, that you possess by birth.

Bó sheb ne neyóoth nárahebewan nath nethoth. Change yourself to increase your worth*.

Bíi oth losh neda wi. Money is the only important thing.

Bó ban ne neyóoth, ban ne wohoth. Give yourself, give everything.


* worth, translated as price.