Moving Láadan content

Just a heads up, over the Thanksgiving break, I’m going to be updating the Áya Dan webpage (a general conlang blog). I’ll be buying a domain for it (, and basically moving all the Láadan content that’s here on over to . All blog posts will be saved and moved over to Áya Dan, and I’ll put up link forwarding.

Just wanting to make a better conlang webpage and have a better way to post my web-based tools (dictionaries, widgets, etc.) and put it under one URL again.

I’ll post a link once the update is done!



Oh hey

so like

at some point somebody might be like

“what’s this stuff licensed as?”

and generally

unless I’m trying to sell something

I’m totally fine with my work being public domain / copy free.

I make a lot of source code open and stuff too.

Like I want to try to make money from my apps,

so I don’t always open source those,

but pretty much most other things I make are fair game.

If you have any doubts

just ask!