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  • Birthsong
    I know this will sound better if I actually play it on the piano, so maybe later, but for now here’s the music + notes. You can also download these at https://github.com/Aya-Dan/Laadan-Library... Read more »
  • Láadan Spring Break
    An image from the Láadan First Dictionary: A woman is hammering something on an anvil. After work today, I will be on spring break! (Yay, one of the few perks of teaching college is having a spring break, but I still have a lot of grading to do.) I have such a... Read more »
  • Láadan club forum update
    Hi all – Due to the spam on the wordpress-based message board, I’ve replaced that board with an easier-to-managed PhpBB. It is up here: http://laadan.club/community/ — Rachel... Read more »
  • Láadan archive update: Why a Woman Is Not Like a Physicist
    A while back, I had printed out the talk that Suzette Haden Elgin had given at WisCon 1982, prior to creating Láadan. I had intended to start working on a “documentary” about the history of Láadan and Suzette’s work. Upon looking for this again, I found that the current WisCon site... Read more »
  • Updates to Áya Dan, and Láadan Discord
    Sooo busy with work! Well, for the time being I’m just trying to get small things done. I’ve been trying to pull together a cohesive theme across the Áya Dan blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and GitHub org. I also felt like we needed some sort of symbol or logo, but... Read more »

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  • Films
    Does anybody knows if Native Tongue or other of her novels have been put in film? Would you recommend any other related film? Thanks in advance.... Read more »
  • Dr. Elgin has passed
    You might all have heard about this by now but Dr. Elgin passed away in January. I just now found out about it; I had been checking up on her maybe every six months or so, hoping for an update. Someone on my Facebook had asked about... Read more »
  • Hello, My name is Kurt
    My blog is Wil Sha on tumblr. I am learning Láadan. I am glad to be apart of this community. I also go by Athid.Here's a simple poem I wrote in Láadan:Bíi ril meshahina melaya wáa. Bíi ril medóolon meleyi wáa. Bíi ril meén meénan i zhe ne wáa. Roses... Read more »
  • New here
    Hello,I am interrested in constructed languages like Solresol and find Láadan especially appealing because it sounds like Navajo. Another reason is that it's strange that it never became as famous as Esperanto. That makes it interresting for me because not everyone has heard about Láadan.I'm from Germany.... Read more »
  • This is going to sound sad, but...
    Upon hearing what has happened to Dr. Elgin, I'm suddenly not wanting to let go of the community. No, I don't know why. Yes, I know it's weird. >_< But I'm also getting more interested in feminist issues than I have in a long time, especially... Read more »

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