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The Áya Dan channel has more conlang and Láadan videos.

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Resources relating to Láadan have been disappearing slowly over time. Many resources can be still viewed from the Wayback Machine archive, so we have ripped some of these pages to host on the host as an additional mirror.

Amberwind’s Láadan Lessons >>
(last available June 2nd, 2015)

Jackie Powers’ Láadan Language Reference Page >>
(last available May 11th, 2008) 2012 page >>
The old style of page that was available prior to the “Drupal” relaunch.

A First Dictionary and Grammar of Láadan (Backup, no dictionary) >>
(scanned copy of book)

Why a Woman Is Not Like a Physicist: WisCon 6, March 6 1982 >>
A talk Suzette Haden Elgin gave at WinCon
(pulled from Wayback Machine, May 12, 2008)