Welcome to Láadan.club!

This page is a social community built around the constructed language Láadan. It is an attempt to aggregate Láadan speakers and people interested in Láadan all in one place, so we can discuss further development of the language, learning the language, and more!

On this website, you will find:


The forums

Talk with other people about Láadan or other things. There are forums for general discussion, constructed languages, talking in Láadan, posting Láadan works, and discussing the language otherwise.


The community blog

Any member can post to the community blog. If you’d like to post your Láadan work, or talk about Láadan, please do so! Or let Rachel know about it so they can post your work!


The Discord server

Another chatroom based around Láadan!


The Telegram chatroom

Come join us and chat about Láadan, conlangs, and other things, or practice your Láadan!


The web feed

This page just aggregates posts about Láadan from several sources. If you know any good RSS feeds to add in, let us know!


Why Láadan Club?

Not everybody likes to use Facebook, Reddit, Livejournal, or other sites that generally are for more than one specialized topic. It can be due to privacy concerns or disliking the website or anything else. 

You can register a standalone account on Laadan.club with a username (not your real name), and provide as much or as little information as you’d like. This makes it a more “common area” for people to come discuss Láadan!

You can make use of the message board and the community blog, so that even if you’d like to blog about Láadan but maybe not frequently enough to justify a completely standalone blog – you can post it here!

What is Láadan?

Láadan is a feminist[1] constructed language created by Suzette Haden Elgin in 1982 to test the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis, specifically to determine if development of a language aimed at expressing the views of women would shape a culture; a subsidiary hypothesis was that Western natural languages may be better suited for expressing the views of men than women. The language was included in her science fiction Native Tongue series. Láadan contains a number of words that are used to make unambiguous statements that include how one feels about what one is saying. According to Elgin, this is designed to counter male-centered language’s limitations on women, who are forced to respond “I know I said that, but I meant this”.

(From Wikipedia)

What resources are there for learning Láadan?

There is an official grammar book written by the creator of the language, Suzette Haden Elgin, that you can find online. Beyond that, some other resources are:


For more links to Láadan related resources, please check out the directory maintained on Áya Dan:

Áya Dan – Láadan



Rachel Wil Sha Singh is Laadan.club’s webmaster. If you would like to contact them:

  • Rachel@Moosader.com